Kicking and ScreamingKicking and Screaming by Jordan Silver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the moment Jackson Collins met Maxie Dove he knew she had a chip on her shoulder about him. Maxie is volatile, snarky, and seems to get a kick out of ruffling feathers. Jackson just wants his close friend to be happily married and while his bride to be is an angel, her family is interesting at best. However like a moth to a flame Jackson decides Maxie is meant to be his. However Maxie is not completely on board with the plan but a few well placed kisses seems to keep Maxie tamed at least for a few minutes. With a plan in place, Jackson goes about claiming Maxie his.

This was a fun take on Pride and Prejudice, not sure if that was intent but it is very similar with the families. Maxie is holding a grudge, based on what someone said, with Jackson but as she gets to know him she is realizing she may not know the truth. Another good read from Jordan Silver.

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