Secrets of the PorchSecrets of the Porch by Sue Ann Sellon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sixteen year old Sophie Mae Randolph has derailed. After the death of her mother she managed to find every wrong turn you could possibly find and the latest has put her at the mercy of a judge who has decided on an alternative method than juvie. Sophie is being relocated to Nebraska and under the care of her Grandmother who she knows nothing about.

Life is rough and Sophie has to adjust to a new life. She is jaded and although her Grandmother Lila is trying to be patient and understanding, Sophie cant grasp why. When Sophie does begin to embrace the change she finds a different path is waiting for her, but someone from her past is about to mess it all up.

I thought the way the author translated the angst Sophie was feeling was perfect. She is confused, angry, and I think trying to deal the best way she can. You feel for the young woman who knows she made mistakes, can she forgive herself along the way? Great read.

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