Moonlight Guardian (Ashton Grove Werewolves, #3)Moonlight Guardian by Jessica Coulter Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Chloe Stevens is pregnant and the man she thought could be her one, turned out to be a player. As soon as he had slept with her he dropped her without a second glance. Michael Andrews has watched his two brothers find their mate, Michael thinks he may have found his but he didn’t act on it. When Chloe shows up pregnant and with nowhere to turn, Michael decides it is time to stand up and be the man he should be to his mate. However, Michael doesn’t know how to communicate with Chloe and everything he does seems to have the opposite effect tearing them apart.

This was one I just could not connect with, did not like Michael at all and felt Chloe could do so much better. I also had a hard time believing Chloe had her act together, she seemed to be independent and trying to find a job tut some of the actions of hers were puzzling. Sounded like a great premise, but was not what I had been hoping for.

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