Sucked Into Love (Bachelorette Party, #1)Sucked Into Love by Rochelle Paige

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Jocelyn has not always had support but when her best friend Cee-Cee calls she is always there for her. She had not expected that her newest favor would be to be a fake bachelorette for research.

Andrew will admit that the thrill of the chase has gone wayward. Successful retired hockey player and owner to several entertainment venues, Andrew can have anyone he wants but it is getting redundant. When he sees Jocelyn he knows she is different and he wants her but when he sees that she is wearing “suck for a buck” t-shirts designed for bachelorettes on their last day of freedom, he finds himself disappointed.

When Andrew finds out that the woman who has haunted his thoughts is actually very single and the circumstances around that bacherlotte party, he pulls out all the stops. Andrew is falling hard and he knows Jocelyn is his one, Jocelyn is equally entranced but a difficult childhood has her proceeding with caution. Andrew can be patient but in the end, Jocelyn will be his forever.

Loved this one, Andrew is pure alpha. Jocelyn has no problem putting Andrew in his place and what I really liked was they communicated. Very sensual, can’t wait for more.

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