Talon's HeartTalon’s Heart by Jordan Silver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a betrayal left Skylar needing a new beginning, Skylar begins school at a new college ready to break out of the timid mold she protected herself in. Talon Avery has a reputation as a one and done man, one night no repeats and you play by his rules. When Talon sees Skylar he knows she is his one, his only and he will do everything to protect her. Skylar though is not sure what to do with Talon, she has no problem trying to put her foot down with Talon, it doesn’t work usually but when her life is put in danger Talon goes neanderthal and whoever is behind the danger will shortly feel his wrath.

Very fun read, Talon is pure alpha male. Skylar is adorable, she is a bit unsure, witty, and Talon finds her absolutely adorable. Had a few unexpected twists and I was thoroughly ready for more by this talented author.

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