Satisfying ExtortionSatisfying Extortion by Natalie Acres

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kurt, Marcus and Blaez are biker-shifters who live a cavalier life with women and hunting down a terroristic group of vampires who have no problem leaving victims in their wake. When Kurt, Marcus, and Blaez are called in on a new case they are ready to jump into action. Kurt knew he would be meeting his mate soon, the dreams he had set the path to his future. He had not expected it to be someone he had met briefly before. Suzette is everything his mate should encompass but he never expected to have to share, especially with Marcus and Blaez. With the threat setting it’s sights on Suzette, all three men have to keep her safe and mated to keep her by their side.

I would have liked to see how the ending played out a bit more, everything was resolved but I could of used a few more pages of seeing this couple pave their way. I liked Suzette and found her to be perfect for all three men. Good book.

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