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Out in the Open
by J.B. Glazer



Advertising executive Lexi Winters had a plan, but leaving her cheating fiancé, her beloved New York, and a successful career weren’t on her agenda. At twenty-seven she faces the harsh reality of starting over again. She returns to her hometown of Chicago and lands a new job, where she meets Jake Hartman, the agency founder’s captivating nephew. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Lexi is protective of her fragile heart and isn’t ready to date again. Jake is on the fast track to leading the company and has vowed to his uncle never to let anything—or anyone—get in his way. What begins as harmless flirtation soon crosses a line that threatens to destroy Lexi and Jake’s promising careers. In a relationship plagued by secrets, will they risk everything to be out in the open?



Suddenly I’m so tired. I’m tired of being aloof and constantly not acting like myself so he won’t think I’m into him. I’m not bitchy by nature, and it’s exhausting. I feel myself relax in his arms. I think Jake senses it too, because he holds me tighter, and his touch is strong and reassuring. I’ve never been this close to him before. He’s intoxicating—a mix of something comforting and familiar with the promise of something new. His face is inches from mine, and it takes every fiber of my being not to pull him in for a kiss. As we dance, all my senses are heightened; I smell the distinctly earthy scent of his aftershave, feel the rise and fall of his chest with each breath, and practically touch the heat that emanates from his body. I listen to the music, and as the words wash over me, all I can think is how fitting the lyrics are. Yes, Jake. I know that it’s wrong, but still I run right into you.

“What’s this song?” Jake asks.

“‘Run’ by Matt Nathanson.”

“I like it,” he whispers in my ear.

I shiver, and he pulls me even closer, resting his cheek against mine. As the song ends, I reluctantly pull away, but Jake doesn’t let go of my hand. Instead he pulls me back toward him, and I feel vulnerable under his intense gaze, which is broken when my mom walks up to the podium and asks for everyone’s attention.



Topic: Cast Your Characters


As a writer, I’m always looking for my next book idea. I find that I do my best thinking at night once I get into bed and I can finally convince my husband to turn off the TV. I know I’m supposed to be winding down from the day, but as I toss and turn my mind starts racing. I think it’s because it’s the only time I’m truly relaxed—or at least I’m supposed to be. Lately it’s been challenging to find time to write, so while I should be drifting off to sleep I find it more productive to map out scenes in my mind. I think through narrative, dialogue, character names, and book titles. Inevitably my thoughts drift to my ultimate yet highly unattainable goal of being featured on The Today Show. During my interview with Matt Lauer I announce the big news: Paramount Pictures bought the rights to Out in the Open and it’s set to debut in theaters, Summer 2015.

In the event this should happen I’ve already envisioned which actors would play the characters. A girl has to be prepared! I also had a few in mind before I even put pen to paper. So when I was asked to write about casting my characters for this guest post, I was already well on my way. Here goes:

Jake Hartman: Lexi’s love interest

He was a no brainer for me. I have just a slight crush on Robert Pattinson. I first saw him in Water for Elephants and something about him captivated me. Aside from being adorable, he also seems genuine. When I thought up Jake’s character I channeled RP.

Ben: Lexi’s ex fiancé

With his shaggy dark hair and hazel eyes, the charming Adrian Grenier comes to mind.

Liv: Lexi’s best friend

I didn’t necessarily want to include her on this list. I intentionally never described Liv’s physical characteristics because I wanted my reader to envision her own best friend. But if I had to choose it would be the perky and likable Mandy Moore.

Nicole: Lexi’s closest friend at work

Amanda Seyfried. She’s friendly, approachable, and seems like the type of girl who would be in the know about the office gossip.

Ashley: AKA Barbie

Katie Cassidy. I loved her on Melrose Place and Gossip Girl. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous. Check. She could pull off an aloof air and easily be the girl we love to hate.

Simon: Lexi’s work husband

Bryan Batt. I always envisioned the slick Mad Men star as Lexi’s friend, confidante and creative director extraordinaire.

And last but not least, my protagonist, Lexi Winters

Cristin Milioti. I struggled with this one the most because if RP is playing Jake I think I’d make a fine Lexi. But there is no way I am slipping out of that coral dress and baring it for all to see. And I might just be a tad bit too old. So, if it can’t be me Christin is a fine choice. She is pretty in an attainable way and has a bubbly personality. I envision someone who has a magnetic quality about them because it’s important for her to be relatable and draw people in.

So there you have it—my all-star lineup. Hey, a girl can dream!



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

J B Glazer developed a love of writing at a young age. She followed that passion to the bglazerUniversity of Illinois, where she graduated with a degree from the College of Communications. She pursued a career in advertising, a field that provided an outlet to express her creativity. She has fifteen years of experience at the renowned Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago, which served as inspiration for her novel. She’s also a wife, mom, marketer, referee, short-order cook, maid, chocoholic, shopaholic, and multitasker extraordinaire. Visit her website at http://www.jbglazer.com, follow her on Twitter @JBGlazer, or connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jbglazer

Out in the Open is available at national retailers including Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com.




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