Not Enough (Parker Siblings, #1)Not Enough by Leigh Ann Lunsford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brielle Parker is used to carrying a quiet load when it comes to herself, she is always there for her family but she has never felt that she is worthy of happiness. Brielle blames herself for something that happened years ago and tore her family apart.

Colby James knows that Brielle is going to be an important part of his future. Brielle has walls that he plans to break through, but Brielle can be her own self destructive enemy. As secrets unfold and trust is questioned, will Colby and Brielle be able to weather the storm that is brewing around them.

The first book in the Parker sibling series. Very good story, was a bit angsty but you just didn’t have Brielle’s story, the siblings are actively part of the book. It took a few moments to soften to Brielle, she is a tough cookie but her history explains the way she is. Colby is a fantastic hero for this heroine. Look forward to more in the series.

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