With Everything I Am (The Three, #2)With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley

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Callum knew there was something special about the girl he finds in the woods. Her bravery trying to protect him as a wolf radiates, but his need to protect her is intense. Realizing she is his mate has him biding his time until she is ready.

As a human, Sonia Arlington knows she is different. She senses things, has outstanding hearing, and other gifts that she keeps well hidden from others. Everything about her life is structured and overseen by her guardian and his son, but that is all about to shift when an attack in her home leaves her rescued by Callum, a man claiming she is his mate.

Callum tries his patience with courting Sonia, as she is human. His wolf wants to claim, mate, and move on but the more he gets to know Sonia the more intrigued he becomes. He has a way of getting under her skin and she is able to interact with him no way a human should. The one thing he did not know about his mate though, is she is sick and there is no permanent treatment for her. He wants to give Sonia everything and make her short life as wonderful as he can, but trying to do so is met with hurdles especially when it comes to learning to communicate with Sonia.

Loved, loved, loved. This was a powerful story, it actually brought out some tears I was so heavily invested in Sonia and Callum. Callum is bossy, big time and he is swift with his orders. Sonia is used to being independent and that Callum doesn’t seek her opinion ruffles her feathers frequently. I liked that the friction was there and you were dealing with two different lifestyles trying to mesh.

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