Against the Cage (Worth the Fight, #1)Against the Cage by Sidney Halston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Chrissy Martin left her small home town, she never planned on coming back. Yes, she had a brother that lived there but he made it clear he did not want to be close. When he call to have her bail him out of jail, she heads back home.

Her first day though is not going well, her favorite red heels have met a sad death, a flat tire, a jail house visit, and now she has been pulled over by a cop who she incidentally hits in the nuts on accident. She had no idea her brothers best friend Jack Daniels is such cop. As they bicker, Jack sees Chrissy in a whole new light and he wants a sample. Chrissy is not opposed to the idea until Jack opens his mouth and starts talking. The two together though are an irresistible force and just can’t seem to help themselves though.

There is so much more to the story. Chrissy hates violence and both Jack and her brother fight in MMA. This has Chrissy conflicted, she is falling hard for Jack and Jack returns the sentiment but there are old feelings that Chrissy is battling with and it usually ends up with Chrissy running. The chemistry and banter between Chrissy and Jack is steamy, romantic, and humorous. I loved this story, ended up staying up until 4 in the morning reading it, couldn’t put it down.

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