The Everyday Mom's Guide to Being Fit and FabulousThe Everyday Mom’s Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous by Shondreka Palmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sixty day plan for those wanting to get in shape. Shondreka Palmer lays it out in a simple, easy to use guide with a day to day workout plan. The workout does involve treadmill and elliptical, which I don’t happen to have however I think you could easily fit the same principal into your daily plan. I find when I use a workout book if it is detailed and has a lengthy plan I follow the book with dedication, this book has that. I am going to incorporate into my daily plan as I have struggled lately with a workout plan.

I thought it was a refreshing take on the dreaded diet, you don’t you just be conscientious about your food choices. Worth picking up especially if you are wanting to lose baby weight.

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