Daniel (The Hunter Series, #4)Daniel by Kathi S. Barton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

O’Reilly Harlequin knew one day she would get a call from her sister and it would most likely be a goodbye, today was that day. Years later Reilly has become mother to her nephew, not that she really knows what she is doing, but she is focused on protecting him at all costs. She doesn’t need any distractions, especially that of Daniel Hunter.

Daniel is proud to be a bachelor, long term commitments are for the birds. Even though he would love to reconsider, especially now that he has met Reilly, he knows it will never lead to more than a life as lovers. Reilly though has her son to think about and her heart, she knows if she allows Daniel to continue as her lover she will lose her heart in the process. Daniel has to decide if he is willing to let her go or maybe have a change of heart.

This was a fun one, I don’t recall Daniel being so put off by relationships though. Reilly is protective of her nephew and I thought the whole dynamic between her and Daniel was seductive, but she always has her nephews interest at heart. Definitely worth reading.

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