Simon (Le Beau Brothers, #2)Simon by V.A. Dold

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simon Le Beau has been recovering since returning home from his time in the service. As a wolf shifter, his body craves touch and serving time in the service was the right thing to do, it caused after effects that Simon can’t seem to heal. Simon is making progress though with the help of his new sister-in-law, but when her friend Rose arrives he knows he has found his mate, but is he worthy of her?

Rose has her own demons to slay, she senses an immediate connection to Simon but when she believes he rejects her it brings back those feelings that still haunts her. Simon wants to claim his mate and even with his wolf pushing to do so, he knows he has to wait until Rose agrees. It should be a smooth courtship, but someone is out to get Rose and Simon will do everything in his power to protect his mate.

This was a beautifully written story, completely different than the first book Cade. Simon and Rose are both a bit broken, but that is what makes their relationship so special. Once Simon makes up his mind what to do with Rose, he is tender and protective. I look forward to more and you get a bit of a peek at the next book, can’t wait looks to be highly entertaining.

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