Vulfen Alpha's Mate (Vulfen Cadre, #1)Vulfen Alpha’s Mate by Laina Kenney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie Bradley can’t wait until her date is over, the man drones on about himself so much, she finds that she is more interested in seeking out the waiter who has been the only highlight of the miserable date.

Rylek Sidaov, Alpha of the three Vulfen clans, doesn’t understand the draw he has to beautiful human. If she were Vulfen than he would know it is his mate, when her date acts in a despicable manner, Rylek has had enough and ready to step in. With one touch, Rylek is not sure he can let go, would she be strong enough to help lead his clan?

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. A lot of traditional aspects to the Vulfen’s which made the story even more interesting. Would definitly read the next one.

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