A to Zane (Shifters of Hillside, #4)A to Zane by Cherie Nicholls

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abby learned a long time ago where she stood with men, they don’t want a woman with real curves and can be quite cruel about letting her know this simple fact. It didn’t stop Abby from building her own company and solving other peoples problems though.

When Zane, a tiger shifter begins to pursue Abby she is flustered. She doesn’t know what his game is but she is having none of it. Of course Zane finds her even more intriguing and makes his intentions known. He never planned on staying though, tigers are roamers but everything about Abby is keeping him off kilter and he finds that when she gets herself in a bit of trouble his instinct to mate begins to kick in.

This was a delicious delight. I had not picked up any of Cherie Nicholls books but thoroughly enjoyed this story. Zane is filled with swagger and Abby although mouthy and tough, is also a little frail in the sense of self esteem. Going to pick up the others to read, this is one fun series.

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