As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love, #1)As You Wish by Elyssa Patrick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rock Star Aubry Riley arrives in Vermont wanting to start a new leaf with his six year old daughter. His reputation as a bad boy is not far from the truth, he has earned whole heartily everything said about him. When he stops to help a stranded car on the snow covered road, he doesn’t quite know how to read the flighty blonde woman and her quirky behavior.

Portia Jackson’s life is not going as plan, she is about to lose her shop that her family worked hard to build and now her knight in shining armor is none other than rock star Aubry Riley who she has a major crush on. Should she admit that she is a die hard fan or deny, of course then she reveals her fear of wolves which stems from an unlikely source.

I am mixed on this one, I thought there was definite chemistry between Aubry and Portia but there is a ton of back story that never really gets revealed about Aubry. I would have loved to know where his hardened attitude comes from, but you don’t really find out. Portia I could totally relate to loved that she lived in la la land and the references to movies. Had quite a bit of humor to the story though.

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