Wishes (Legacy, #2.5)Wishes by Molly Cochran

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Katy hears about fairies with her class, a few of them decide to see if there is any truth to finding them. Of course Katy had hoped it was true, but never expected to find one. When Katy is given wishes, the first one to come to mind is to have her rush equally as smitten.

Katy is finding out the hard way that a simple wish is not always as simple as one expects. As Katy begins to realize it is more of a course, she finds that she is more interested in helping her fairy then keeping her wishes.

Charming story. I did not realize this was a series but felt that I was able to understand the premise right away. If your looking for a good fantasy book to delve into, this one is one to pick up.

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