Hunger of the Wolf (Wolfen, #3)Hunger of the Wolf by Madelaine Montague

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Treated like a mouse in a glass box all of her life, Shilo ran at the first opportunity and has been in hiding ever since. Usually cautious of her surroundings, Shilo is lost in thought when she encounters a lycan ready to attack. With electro-kinetic talents it is easy to subdue him, but she had not planned on a second lycan before she passes out.

Prime alpha, Dante doesn’t know what to make of the woman he has taken. Not wanting to be zapped he is cautious of keeping her at a safe distance, but his wolf wants to mate. Dante needs to find out more about the mysterious lady, before he can determine if she truly is his mate.

I always like Madelaine Montague’s books, there is a different angle in each book and this one does not disappoint. The lycan’s are cajun is purely sinful, talk about a hot read. Another fantastic shifter read.

***reread, just as good as the first time. I had forgotten a lot of the plot so it still seemed like a fresh read. The big standout is Maurice who is a romantic at heart.

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