Wild Hearts (Blood Moon Legacy #1)Wild Hearts by Rhea Regale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Shyla Smith arrives in Hood River to close up her grandfathers estate, it is met with more confusion. Shyla had never physically met him and although he wrote a few letters explaining her heritage, it was to difficult to believe.

When Shyla meets Coal Demmering and Jacy Roddery who were friends of her grandfather, Shyla’s life turns completely upside down. One minute she is single and heading back to New York, the next she finds out she is a rare white wolf and Coal and Jacy are her mates. With the threat still out there to destroy what looks like the last white wolf alive, Jacy and Coal are intent on protecting Shyla. Shyla however is feeling too much too soon and isn’t sure if she is willing to move to Hood River and follow her destiny.

This was overall good, 3.75 but it was so rushed it was a little hard to grasp the rampant feelings running around Shyla. I would be interested in reading more of the series though.

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