Into the Ashes (The Arcadians #2)Into the Ashes by Laurie Roma

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When her best friend disappeared, Raven Sanchez had know idea that she had been transplanted to another planet, that is until it happens to Raven.

Kings Savitar, Kadan, and Tristan Akira have longed for a mate and when she arrives they are not quite sure what to do with her. Raven is head strong and as a cop in Chicago, she has a strong sense of justice. However Savitar, Kadan, and Tristan have ruled the kingdom in the same path as their fathers, even if some if the beliefs are antiquated. Raven has been placed in Arcadian for a reason and if the four of them can figure out how to begin their new relationship and work together, they may find they are the perfect match.

Very good second book in the series. Raven is a handful and buts heads along the way. This story was different then the first book, although some of it was similar to the first book. Look forward to the third book.

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