Dare to Believe (Gray Court, #1)Dare to Believe by Dana Marie Bell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leo Dunne has waited patiently hoping that oone day he would find his bondmate, a rarity but if found a lifetime of love is guaranteed. Leo had not realized his mate was right under his nose the whole time, but now that he has caught her scent he has tried valiantly to ge her attention but to no avail.

Ruby Halloway has had a crush on her boss since the first moment she saw him, but her insecurities from her past have her running in opposite directions whenever he is near. When Leo approaches her at an empolyee party, Ruby has no idea that she has just sealed her fate and Leo has all sorts of plans to keep her in his arms, that is until a family emergency has them both heading to Nebraska and Ruby’s world is about to get shaken.

I had not realized this was a fantasy book when I picked it out. It is pretty good, there are a couple of things that I thought huh but overall had some funny moments and good chemistry between Leo and Ruby.

*** reread, liked it better the second time.

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