Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

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Lauren Grahame spent ten years of her life being the dutiful robotic wife with the fancy career and the emptiness inside. Lauren had spent her whole life planning for that special moment which at 42 has never come and doesn’t look like it will arrive anytime soon. Ten years married to find out her husband has spent the last five cheating on her with none other than her best friend. All the anger, hurt, and emptiness that she has within has found Lauren on the rode trying to find that place where she actually feels at home.

Arriving in Carnal, Lauren believes she has found it. Mustering every ounce of courage she has she walks into a biker bar and applies for the waitress job. Although she gets scoffed at and looks completely out of place as a surburbanite she gets the job. Lauren feels like this is where she was meant to be, in Carnal at least until she meets one third owner Tatum “Tate” Jackson. Tatum is sex on a stick in a very uber biker way and all of the that combustible appeal comes with one hell of a temper and loud mouth. Letting his feelings be known in a very vocal manner has Lauren at a crossroads, stay and tough it out or leave and try again. Well years of succumbing to everyones standards has taught Lauren one thing, it is time to find her back bone.

Lauren toughs it out, Tate feels like a heel and in a very round about way kind of apologizes. Another crossroad for Lauren who decides she will work for him but avoid him. Well Tate has staked his claim where Lauren is concerned and although Lauren is trying her best to keep him at a distance, Tate has no plans in letting her get far away.

The one thing you can always guarantee from a Kristen Ashley book is it is a hell of a ride from the beginning to the end. Tate speaks biker, Lauren speaks non biker and the two have a rocky road ahead of them as they are not always on the same wave length when speaking, which turns heated and sometimes quite funny. I feel like I am in a hazy fog, this came with so many quirky characters and dynamic story that I could not put it down. Utterly fantastic read.

**Reread because I was trying to figure out who I liked better Tate or Tack, book is even better the second time around.

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