SEALed With A Kiss: Heroes With HeartSEALed With A Kiss: Heroes With Heart by Teresa J. Reasor

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Code of Silence by Marliss Melton

Ophelia had been in happily wedded bliss with her new husband Navy SEAL Vinny DeInnocentis, but when she found out she was pregnant she is completely thrown for a loop. Ophelia has been so focused on her gritty reporting often exposing falsehoods in the political systems, that she knows once she announces she is pregnant that career will be sidelined. Now on an assignment to expose Pennsylvania’s governor, Ophelia may risk everything she has for a story.

This is a follow up story to one of Marless Melton’s previous novels. I thought this was unexpected, although I did not know the history between Vinny and Ophelia, it was easy to pick up and no doubting the love shared between the two. Intriguing read.

Holding On by Stephanie Tyler
Jamie Michaels knows her baby will be coming soon, but she is determined to wait until her Navy SEAL husband Chris Waldron can be there. Her little baby though seems to be holding all the cards though and with Chris on an assignment that could delay him from getting there in time, time is running out.

A follow up story to the Hold On series. Very sweet story, I had not read any from this series but was curious enough that I will definitely be picking it up.

Mutiny’s Bounty by Delilah Devlin
Lace McElhannon isn’t one to usually back down when she wants something, swimming with sharks, not so much but making a play for ex-SEAL Dex Haygood absolutely. Vacationing Dex is one of the men keeping an eye out on the seas as well as the guests, but he is a man who likes to be in control and Lace is a perfect candidate for some high seas adventure.

Seductive, liked Dex is he is very straight to the point, while Lace wants to play, Dex wants to conquer. Had a little bit of everything, humor, romance, and suspense.

Warrior by Gennita Low
After a not so normal introduction, SEAL Lucas Branson who always goes after what he wants, knows he wants journalist Kit Ling Harrison. Kit is different than any woman he has ever met and although their time together is brief, the plan is to spend more time together after Lucas gets back from assignment. Imagine Lucas’s surprise when he finds Kit in Taliban territory and even more surprising that she doesn’t panic, she flourishes.

New author for me, this was a lot of fun to read. It was humorous as well as told a serious story. Definitely going to check out more from this author.

Seal’s Desire by Elle James
Navy SEAL Remy LaDue has been anxiously waiting for his leave which just so happens to land on Valentine’s Day, he has plans with a woman he has been lusting over for years. Now he just has to find her, but NCIS agent Mitchell Sanders is undercover working as a stripper trying to find out what happened to her friend. Once Remy finds her though all bets are out Remy doesn’t know if he should spank her or help her.

Delicious, the story was sexy and had you drawn in instantly. I was surprised by some of the turns in this story, an unexpected treat.

Breaking Free by Teresa Reasor
When her brother is injured and in a coma on a mission, Zoe Weaver runs to his side receiving comfort from his teammates and trying to make sense of his condition. Lieutenant Adam “Hawk” Yazzie offers his home to Zoe and her mother while her brother remains in a coma. When it looks like the injury her brother sustained could possibly be foul play, Hawk enlists Zoe’s help all the while trying to keep his attraction to her quiet, for Hawk has some fears of his own and one of them is believing he can have a happily ever after of his own.

This felt more like a full novel to me in this anthology set. Has a lot of story going on from Zoe to Hawk to the mystery behind Zoe’s brothers injury. Entertaining story.

Seal’s Lost dream by JM Madden

Veterinarian Willow James doesn’t know much about Joe Flynn other than he has a knack for finding animals needing help, he’s attractive, and he is an enigma. Former Navy SEAL K9 Flynn has not been able to get past losing his partner while on duty which is why he wants nothing to do with animals, but it seems like they are determined to find him. Flynn feels he is damaged but with Willow’s easy demeanor and a dog who has decided that she is his, Flynn is beginning to believe he has another shot at happiness.

This was a unique story as it focused on K9’s, I had not read a book like this before. A heartfelt read.

Seal My Destiny by Sharon Hamilton
Navy Seal Luke Paulsen knows he is not handling the remnants from his last tour well and when he meets a woman who completely throws him off his game, he wonders if she may just be the distraction he needs. However after a brief encounter it implodes, leaving a hurt young woman and Luke wonder if he will ever forget the nightmares that are haunting him. When he finds the girl he can’t forget again at a wedding, Luke needs to decide if he is willing to let him go a second time.

The story starts with a bang, very fun read and a perfect book to end the anthology with.

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