Lucas (Black Cougar, #1)Lucas by Eliza Gayle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kira McDonald feels the mating call pulling to her, but she knows it could end up being disastrous for her as well. Sensing her mate is in trouble, she is able to track him down only to have her worst suspicions confirmed.

Lucas believes Kira is involved with his abduction but he also is attracted to her on a level that is not normal. Once he realizes she is his mate, everything begins to spiral out of control and Lucas has to find a way to save his mate before it is too late.

I was slightly confused by Kira and did not quite understand what was going on with her when she gets this frenzy behavior while struggling with the unclaimed mating.  Had a slight menage in the story, but was not really a focal point. It was an interesting concept and was nicely setup for the next in series.

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