Hot Southern Mess (Hide Your Crazy #1)Hot Southern Mess by T.A. Hardenbrook

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If her family had had their way, Molly would have been the perfect Southern woman. However, Molly is from it, she is the round peg in a house full of square ones while she should have her fair up in a tizzy, hers is blue and has piercings. Having just been through the wedding from hell for her sister, Molly has had enough. Packing her bags impulsively, Molly flees Georgia for Seattle.

She figured she would take her chances, but when Molly gets a job as a PA for the rock band Black Laden, she is elated. She did not expect to be attracted to Reid though, the lead singer who seems to always have a blonde skanky woman by his side. She sure has heck did not plan on the attraction to, Brantley, the lead of the opening band either. Torn between raging hormones, she knows both are not commitment type me, but either is she for that matter. Between her neurotic family, a determined Reid who is sending mixed signals, and Brantley claiming he wants to be friends but his flirtation says something altogether, Molly is the epitome of a Southern Hot Mess.

I liked Molly she is pure spitfire. That being said, she is a big ole mess. I thought this was a lot of fun, it had surprising turns and had you laughing until the end. I know who I am rooting for and there is a cliffhanger that will keep you watching your calendar for the release book.

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