His Indecent Proposal (overexposed, #1)His Indecent Proposal by Andra Lake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Graduating from college, Amy Clair has one week to leave her dorm and find a place, and a job in order to stay in New York. Already feeling her parents disapproval with her career choice, she doesn’t want to go back home to California, she wants to find her own path.

Finding an ad for a model was nothing new, but being petite she knew she would never fit the bill, except this particular ad seems to be of a different she answers the ad hoping it might lead to something. It does, it leads her to Dallon King, a wealthy banker who wants her as his model for a project he is working on. However, Amy although intrigued, is not quite sure she is cut for the type of work Dallon wants. Even after she backs out, Dallon finds he doesn’t want to let her go and offers her a new proposal.

Intriguing story. Very quickly paced and you are absorbed into the characters right away. Dallon is seductive and I can’t read more about what he is wanting with Amy.

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