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The Alpha Takes a Mate (Wolf Pack Mates, #1)The Alpha Takes a Mate by Cara Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Taige York moves into an old schoolhouse with her friends, with the intent to build a craft market. Oblivious to he fact that there is a werewolf pack nearby, she is surprised to find herself in the midst of the seductive attention of two men, Alpha Jasper Lyall and his beta Cornelian Bardolph.

Not everyone is happy about the alpha hooking up with a human though, they are intent to cause mischief and run the humans out of town. Jasper wasn’t sure initially if Taige was more of a temporary lust or if it was something more, he quickly realizes that she is meant to be his mate and plans to convince her of that with the help of his friend Cornelian.

I wanted to like this one but it fell a little flat. Taige just agrees to kiss two complete strangers who just show up at the school house. I had a hard time and felt the story was a bit rushed. Wanted more substance.

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