Amazing Grace (The American Soldier Collection, #3)Amazing Grace by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Grace Thompson’s sister was murdered, her life stopped. Their looks were practically identical, despite being 14 months apart, and Grace found herself trying to fill the role of her sister. Realizing how unhealthy it was for her family and herself, she left and began her career as a fashion photographer in Europe.

Two years later, Grace is coming home for a surprise visit. With only one day into her visit, everything becomes unhinged. She finds herself in the middle of an investigation that stems back to her sister’s murder and a serial killer who has set Grace as his ultimate target.

Sandman Sandstone is the person you call when you have exhausted every lead. Sandman needs to find the connection from the killer to Grace, but in all of his years of doing the job he has never felt the protective drive kick in like it has with meeting Grace. After a few close calls, Sandman calls in his brothers Big Jay and Duke to help with the investigation as well as protecting Grace. Grace though is determined to help and has a spirit of their own that the Sandstone brothers are trying to adapt to and hope they have the time to figure out as long as they keep her out of the path of the killer.

I thought this was an excellent read, a lot grittier than Dixie Lynn Dwyer’s other books. I did have a couple issues with Sandman and Big Jay’s name, it was just not connecting in the intimate moment, it was so minor though it did not take away from the story though.

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