Sins of the PastSins of the Past by Keyonna Davis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lorna Marco has lived her life following the shadow of her mothers reputation as the town slut. However, not one time in all of her life did anyone try to either stop the rumors about her or find out if they were even true, they weren’t. Now she owns a shop that restores old cars and she loves what she does. She also is not batting an eye when it comes to new neighbor Jacob Benson, she is waiting for the shoe to drop when the town tries to get him to form the same opinions.

Former Navy SEAL Jacob is fascinated by his neighbor and plans to get to know her better. Convalescing after his last mission got him injured, Jacob is finally starting to see the bright side of things especially when he is with Lorna. When he finds out his best friend Cole Michaels is coming to visit, it looks like everything is falling into place. Never once in their friendship had they shared a woman, but Cole’s attraction to Lorna is not one sided and they venture into a new relationship with new understanding. When an old threat of Jacob’s returns seeking revenge though, the men will do anything to protect Lorna, however they never planned on the feisty woman to be able to take care of herself.

3.5 this had a bit of conflicting parts in the story that didn’t flow right. I was not sure why Lorna stayed in this town, they treated her like dirt and yet she took it to an extent. You get told why but it still conflicted with her character which was a strong woman. Interesting story.

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