Finding Sanctuary by Alicia White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No matter how hard Sophie Miller tries, her ex-husband manages to find her and her daughter. Finally resorting to see if she can seek the help of her cousin, she ends up in Sanctuary, Montana.

When Mason McLean sees Sophie and her daughter for the first time, he is off kilter with the immediate need to help the vulnerable woman. He can see the haunted look and he can’t get it out of his mind.

Alex McLean knows his brother has met someone who could be the one they have been looking for. He doesn’t know her story, but both Mason and Alex come up with a plan to earn her trust and create the family they know they can have with Sophie by her side.

Intriguing story, Sophie is a fighter but there is also a fearful side to her because of her ex. I liked that the author tackled the feelings of the daughter, she is just as much a victim and you feel like you got a full story with all four characters. Another great book from Alicia White.

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