A Billion To One (Power Surge: The Billionaire Club, #2)A Billion To One by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chiara Costiano has tried everything she could possibly think of to prove she is capable of taking over is company, but despite her best effort it falls on deaf ears. He is constantly trying to force her to date a man she finds about as desirable as a slick eel and when it looks like her life is in danger, she finds out he is selling his company to two strangers.

Cash Corbin and Zane Heston are not sure the why the sudden rush to sell the company, they are intrigued by Chiara and the more they get to know her the quicker they realize they have found the woman they have been looking for. Although Chiara is fighting with understanding her fathers betrayal and falling for two men who have managed to sweep her off her feet.

I liked this one but it had a couple of conflicting plot issues that at the end did not make sense. Overall good, but Chiara initially comes off as sweet and a bit more demure and then is like a hellcat instantly. Did not flow as good as some of the other books by the author.

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